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Learn about the birds around your school with lots of projects to complete.


Every year, several Irish breeding bird species make amazing journeys from Ireland to Africa, Asia and beyond. Learn more in our Migration Website.

spring alive!

Spring Alive is a project about migratory birds for children all over Europe.  We want you to look or listen for your first Swallows, Swifts and Cuckoos each spring and then tell us all about them: we need as many records as possible.  Please click here to learn about the birds and to submit your records, as well as to get lots of video clips, identification tips and even interactive games.  Available in both Irish and English, as well as a host of other European languages.

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Here you can learn more about the birds around your school, as well as about bird migration.  To visit the individual sections, please click on the relevant banner.

Bird Detectives

BirdWatch Ireland's dedicated magazine for young birdwatchers

Packed with birdwatching tips, games, competitions, puzzles and stories, Bird Detectives is the new twice-yearly 16 page children's magazine from BirdWatch Ireland.  Join our intrepid investigator, Shelduck Holmes, as he uncovers the mysteries of birds' lives.  How?  By using his powers of de-duck-tion, of course!

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(PDF: 3.74MB)

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