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Spring Alive: please let us know when you see your first Swallows, Swifts and/or CuckoosIt's Spring Alive again! 

Don't forget to tell us when you see your first Swallow, Swift, Cuckoo or Sand Martin of the year.

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New Exclusive BirdWatch Ireland clothing launched

Show your true colours and support wild bird conservation by wearing our Exclusive new line of BirdWatch Ireland clothing. From T-shirts to hoodies, the entire range is made from certified organic cotton and manufactured using 100% renewable energy.

The designs represent our current work and projects as well as the bird species that continue to need our help. Proceeds from sales go directly towards supporting the vital conservation work carried out by BirdWatch Ireland.

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Ireland’s wintering waterbird numbers down by 40% in less than 20 years

Thur, 28/03/2019

A new study by BirdWatch Ireland has found that the number of waterbirds wintering in Ireland has declined by 15% over the past five years. More alarming is the comparison over a longer time period, which shows that our wintering waterbirds have declined by almost 500,000 individuals (40%) since the mid-1990’s, a truly shocking finding.

Wading bird species, including Knot, Dunlin, Golden Plover and Redshank, have been the worst hit, suffering a combined loss of over 100,000 individuals (19%) over the past five years. Wildfowl, including 14 species of duck, 3 species of swan and 4 species of geese, declined by 28,000 individuals (9%). In total, 27 species declined by over 10% over the course of just 5 years, with only seven species managing to increase by more than 10%.

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European Parliament Committee Sticks a Feather in the CAP

Thur, 14/02/2019

The Environment Committee of the European Parliament has voted to ring-fence a significant €15 billion of the next Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) to support farmers in restoring nature on farmland. This represents a significant vote of confidence to reverse the declines in wildlife and habitats on farmland. The next step is for the Agriculture Committee of the Parliament to do the same and then the whole Parliament must endorse this approach.

BirdWatch Ireland calls on Irish Members of the European Parliament, and the political parties with whom some are affiliated, to ensure that €15 billion is ring-fenced in the next CAP to support farmers to produce food that also supports the birds and the bees.

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Hedge-cutting is not permitted until 1st September


BirdWatch Ireland would like to remind the public that hedge-cutting is NOT permitted between 1st March and 31st August inclusive, except in the case of any of the derogations permitted under the Wildlife Acts 1976-2010 applying.

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