The Barn Owl Project


Previous research on Barn Owls in Ireland has been limited, focusing mainly on their diet. A register of active Barn Owl nest sites  was  also compiled in the mid-late 90’s and provided a national  population estimate of 130 breeding pairs. The Barn Owl Projects Initial work involved updating the mid 90s register and underlined the need for a conservation project focused on this species. The majority of nest sites have been abandoned and it seems likely that there has been a worrying decline in the population since the previous survey was undertaken.


The Barn Owl project also focuses on implementing conservation measures beneficial for Barn Owls such as the initiation of the nest box scheme through which artificial nest boxes for Barn Owls have been provided in suitable habitats. BirdWatch Ireland are also working towards gaining a greater insight into the Barn Owls distribution and abundance by providing an accurate population estimate. Please click here for further details about our reseach project.                  




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