On this website we have looked at bird migration. You could find out about some other animals which migrate. They include:


Salmon breed in the headwaters of rivers. Their young swim down to the sea to feed and grow. Later they return to the same river to breed.

Freshwater eels do the reverse. From a breeding area in the Sargasso Sea, young eels make an amazing journey across the Atlantic to the rivers of Europe. There they feed and grow before making the return journey to breed.


Several of our butterflies, such as Painted Ladies and Red Admirals, migrate to Ireland from farther south in Europe. The Monarch Butterfly in North America flies from the north to spend the winter in Mexico.


Whales may travel huge distances in the ocean between feeding and breeding grounds. Caribous and reindeers of the Arctic migrate northwards each spring into the tundra. Zebras and wildebeest of the African savannah travel huge distances in response to the seasonal rains.


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