Hooded Crow

Corvus cornix

Caróg liath

: Common resident throughout Ireland.

Conservation Concern
: Green-listed in Ireland. The European population has been evaluated as Secure.

: Slightly larger than a Rook. Ages and sexes are similar in appearance. The head, throat and breast are black, as are the wings and tail. The rest of the body can appear either a rather cold grey or buffish gerey-brown depending on the light. Flight action when relaxed is rather weak, however is quick to pusue rators from nest site. Frequently glides and performs aerobatics on windy days.

Similar Species: No other Irish crow species has such extensive grey colouring.

Call: A variety of loud calls, including a harsh “kraa”, as well as a repeated knocking sound which acts as a “song”.

Diet: Omnivorous - including seeds, insects, carrion, young birds and eggs. In coastal areas, will take crabs and molluscs, which may be dropped from a height to crack the hard shell.

Breeding: A widespread and common breeding species in most habitats in Ireland.

Wintering: Largely sedentary within their territories, though large flocks may gather in the evenings at traditional post-breeding roost sites.

Where to See: Widespread in Ireland.

Monitored by: Countryside Bird Survey and the Garden Bird Survey.

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