Carduelis chloris

Glasán darach

Green Linnet, Green Bull

One of Ireland's top-20 most widespread garden birds.

Status: Resident

Conservation Concern: Green-listed in Ireland. The European population is regarded as Secure by BirdLife International. Has been affected by outbreaks of Trichomoniasis recently.

Identification: A robust finch, with large head, massive bill and shortish tail. The plumage of both sexes is a mixture of greens and greys with splashes of bright yellow - the female being duller, browner and showing faint streaks. The tail is forked, dark at the tip and centre and yellow on the sides. Bill very thick at base, pale, with a pinkish tinge. Legs slightly fleshy pink. In spring, sings from high perch or in wavering songflight over territory. Found mainly in farmland and around towns and parks. A common garden bird, often occurring in large flocks.

Similar Species
: The only all green finch likely to turn up in gardens.

Call: Song a jumble of bubbly notes and trills, interspersed with a coarse, wheezy "raspberry" sound. Call a single "chupp", sometimes repeated.

Diet: Seeds, split grain, buds and some insects, especially when feeding young. Will use peanut feeder.

Breeding: Breeds throughout Ireland - in hedgerows, parks and gardens. Nest, of coarse dead grass and small twigs, well concealed, quite high in hedge.

Wintering: Widespread. Regularly visiting peanut feeders with other finches in suburban and rural areas. Resident birds most likely joined by wintering Greenfinches from continental Europe.

Where to See
: Common and widespread throughout Ireland

Monitored by: Countryside Bird Survey & Garden Bird Survey.

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