Red-listed Golden Plover (Breeding Plumage)

Photo by Paul Troake


Red-listed Yellowhammer

Photo by Shay Connolly



 Amber-listed Chough

Photo by John Fox




Birds of Conservation Concern In Ireland - BoCCI

Early in 2014, BirdWatch Ireland and the RSPB NI provided an updated list of priority bird species for conservation action on the island of Ireland. These Birds of Conservation Concern in Ireland are published in a list known as the BoCCI List. In this BoCCI List, birds which breed and/or winter in Ireland are classified into three seperate lists (Red, Amber and Green), based on the conservation status of the bird and hence conservation priority. To find out more information about how the assessment was carried out and lists derived, please click on the link here

To get your copy of the latest Red and Amber Lists  please click on the link here

Birds on the 
Red List birds are those of highest conservation concern, Amber List birds are of medium conservation concern and the Green List birds are not considered threatened. Specific criteria are used to classify a bird into one of these three categories. 

This information is also collated at a wider EU context, to help us evaluate the status of Birds in Europe, and also globally. Birds in Europe (2004) or BiE2 is the second review of the conservation status of all wild birds in Europe. It identifies priority species (Species of European Conservation Concern, or SPECs) in order that conservation action can be taken to improve their status.  In 2015, a third review of the status of Birds in Europe is expected. 



Red-listed Breeding Curlew,

Photo by Andrew Kelly


Whinchat - John Fox 

Summer migrant new to the Red List


White-tailed Sea Eagle - Valerie O'Sullivan

New to the Red List 2014 - based on historical decline



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