The East Coast Nature Reserve

BirdWatch Ireland is currently restoring a wetland nature reserve in Co. Wicklow as part of a four year project to protect rare waterbirds and fen habitat and to provide access to the visiting public.

Directions to the East Coast Nature Reserve

Please click here for directions to the East Coast Nature Reserve at Blackditch.

East Coast Nature Reserve Sights


Here you will find the beautiful Little Egret, an all white heron, and if you are lucky the brilliant flash of turquoise of the Kingfisher, as well as wintering geese and swans, some migrating all the way from Greenland. At the heart of the reserve lies the fen - reeds, willow and huge tussocks of sedge – which enclose the visitor giving the feeling of a primeval world. Please click here for a summary of what can be seen at Blackditch throughout the year.


EU Life Funding of wetland Restoration Work


Funding through the LIFE- Nature financial instrument of the European Union has allowed the wetland restoration work at Blackditch. The reserve forms part of the largest wetland complex on the east coast of Ireland- the Murrough Wetlands.

East Coast Nature Reserve Access


In addition to open days and school visits , the public  have access to two observation hides and boardwalks. The reserve is open in daylight hours, seven days a week.  Access is via a pedestrian gate on Sea Road, Six Mile Point:

East Coast Nature Reserve Volunteers

We are always looking for volunteers to help out. Please click here for more information, or contact the BirdWatch Ireland Reserves Manager.

East Coast Nature Reserve Annual Updates

2010 annual update

2009 annual update

2008 annual update

2007 annual update

2006 annual update


Natura 2000

ECNR map - click to download (PDF: 112KB)
ECNR map
Click to download

(PDF: 112KB)

Note: the "You are here" text on the map denotes the 2 separate entrances to the reserve - the northern entrance is the main access point.

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