Volume 8

Number 2 [2007]

149-166 The status of birds in Ireland: an analysis of conservation concern 2008-2013
Paul Lynas, Stephen F. Newton & James A. Robinson

167-178 Irish Wetland Bird Survey: Results of waterbird monitoring in Ireland in 2005/06 [PDF]
Boland, H. & Crowe, O.

179-188 Breeding seabirds of the Magharees and related islands, County Kerry, 2006/2007 
Michael O’Clery

189-194 The winter diet of Pheasants Phasianus colchicus: a comparison of estate reared and wild birds 
D. Ó Huallacháin& J. Dunne

195-206 Irish agriculture and farmland birds, research to date and future priorities
Barry J. McMahon

207-214 Evaluation of Red Grouse Lagopus lagopus scoticus habitat in the Connemara National Park 
Eugene J. Finnerty, James Dunne & Barry J. McMahon

215-222 Courtship feeding and food provisioning of chicks by Common Terns Sterna hirundo at Belfast Harbour Lagoon [PDF]
Lorraine S. Chivers

223-230 Disturbance to waterbirds in South Dublin Bay [PDF]
Ben Phalan & Richard G. W. Nairn

231-236 Do wind turbines displace Hen Harriers Circus cyaneus from foraging habitat? Preliminary results of a case study at the Derrybrien Wind Farm, County Galway
Brian Madden and Brian Porter

237-242 The breeding status of the Raven Corvus corax in Southwest Mayo [PDF]
Eoin Mc Greal

243-248 Autumn use of a reedbed by Barn Swallows Hirundo rustica and Sand Martins Riparia riparia in County Cork
Patrick Smiddy, Chris Cullen & John O’ Halloran

249-262 Rare breeding birds in Ireland, 2005— 2006  [PDF]      
Paul Hillis

263-298 Scarce Migrants in Ireland, 2004— 2006
John Rattigan

299-311 Irish Ringing Report for 2006 [PDF]
Oscar J. Merne

312-313 A survey of the breeding waders of the coastline of southwest County Mayo in 2005 [PDF]
Derek McLoughlin

314-315 The loss of Barn Owl Tyto alba breeding and roost sites in County Cork: a contributory factor in the species’ decline [PDF]
Tony Nagle

315-318 Comparing the success of Hen Harrier Circus cyaneus tree nests and ground nests in the Antrim Hills, 1990-2006 [PDF]
Don Scott & Roger Clarke

319-322 Reviews [PDF]



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