Hedge-cutting is not permitted until 1st September

28th July 2016

BirdWatch Ireland would like to remind the public that hedge-cutting is NOT permitted between 1st March and 31st August inclusive, except in the case of any of the derogations permitted under the Wildlife Acts 1976-2010 applying.

The proposed changes to the law failed to be passed by the Oireachtas earlier this year; therefore, there has been NO change to the dates when hedge-cutting or upland burning are permitted.

We would also like to highlight the importance of hedgerows in August for wildlife and for people. Hedgerows are critically important for some late-nesting birds, such as Yellowhammer, Greenfinch and Linnet. Yellowhammer, in particular, is a Red-listed species which is in need of special protection measures and which nests into the middle of September.

Hedgerow trees, shrubs and plants also act as an important food source for many animal species. Birds depend on the haws, hips and other berries, bees and butterflies source nectar from flowering shrubs and plants, while mammals (including us!) enjoy blackberries during the autumn.

Our hedgerows also act as networks for nature, providing shelter, food, and corridors for movement for many species.

Yellowhammer (Photo by John Fox)
(Photo by John Fox)





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